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Rare blanket octopus spotted in ‘once in a lifetime’ encounter off Australian coast

A rare blanket octopus has been spotted in a ‘once in a lifetime’ encounter off Australian coast.

Jacinta Shackleton, a videographer, photographer, and content creator for Queensland’s Tourism and Events, has been observing the Great Barrier Reef for years. When she was out snorkeling, she spotted a rare blanket octopus that she is calling a “once in a lifetime encounter”

Found living around coral reefs in tropical regions, the blanket octopus coined its name from its cape-like body and webs around its tentacles.
Shackleton says that she was “so captivated by its movements, it was as if it was dancing through the water with a flowing cape.” Shackleton’s encounter is believed to be one of only three from the area.

Photo: Jacinta Shackleton via Storyful for USA today @ 2021

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