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Calculating Your FootPrint and your Foodprint

Caspian Sea - Photo Courtesy of NASA

April Monthly Resources

April was a special month, celebrating both Earth Day and World Stop Food Waste Day. From your carbon footprint to your foodprint, there are a variety of ways that we as consumers can use our decisions to impact sustainable change. We’ve compiled three resources this month that can help you to take action through awareness and choice.

EPA Carbon Footprint Calculator

Are you curious about what goes into calculating your carbon footprint? The EPA provides a thorough breakdown of energy, transportation and waste to determine a household carbon footprint. The tool is a good resource to pinpoint areas that need improvement or inefficiencies in daily household routine. Furthermore, calculating your carbon footprint is a good exercise in order to become or remain mindful of how habits and lifestyle choices affect the planet.

Calculating your Foodprint

Just like a carbon calculator, your can also calculate your foodprint, through careful consideration about your food including meat consumption, food waste, food literacy, local & seasonal sourcing, worker welfare and animal welfare. The FoodPrint® website provides an easy quiz to get consumers acquainted with the process, and a detailed list of resources to put people on the right track. The website has a whole host of other valuable resources including a sustainable eating guide.

2021 Restore Our Earth Climate Education Week Toolkit

For this year’s Earth Day, EarthDay.org provided a comprehensive toolkit including lessons and activities on how we can restore our earth. Going through the topics of ecosystem services, the carbon cycle, food sustainability, ecosystem restoration and civic engagement, the toolkit provides learning goals, vocabulary, a list of beginner, intermediate and advanced activities on the subjects, ways that both individuals and communities can take action for the particular subject and more!

Although the official 2021 Earth Day date has passed, we believe that everyday is earth day and every month is earth month and hope that our collective choices can reflect this mindset. We hope that the resources above can help ignite and inspire positive change! Prior to your next daily activity, we invite you to pause and ask: what is the footprint of my activity on this planet?

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Eat Blue

Eat Blue is an educational platform which aims to celebrate life below water and the people who make a difference. Our multimedia approach/campaign explores the depths of ocean optimism and seafood sustainability that connects consumers to the stories that matter.