Celebrate Life Below Water. Eat Blue

Under the skin of the ocean, there’s a super-loud fishcotheque going on

“Deep below what Herman Melville called ‘the ocean’s skin’, sound is the only viable sense, adding mystery to a world we know so little about.” The ocean is a giant conductor of strange noises and sounds that radiate the sound of mysterious life. The ocean is a conductor of sound, which travels five times faster in the water. For example, a humpback whale’s call off the Caribbean can be heard by another whale on the coast of Europe.

Yet ironically, military sonar modeled by whale calls has threatened the immune systems of mammals and the social structures of many creatures by disrupting their communication styles underwater.

photo credit: Azores Photograph: Andrew Sutton

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Eat Blue is an educational platform which aims to celebrate life below water and the people who make a difference. Our multimedia approach/campaign explores the depths of ocean optimism and seafood sustainability that connects consumers to the stories that matter.