Celebrate Life Below Water. Eat Blue

Picture of Sarah Caballero

Sarah Caballero

Sarah is a 2nd year master’s student in Food Science and Technology at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. She received her bachelor’s degree in food science and technology in 2019, also from Cal Poly Pomona. Her research is on using food nanotechnology to develop novel delivery systems for botanical bioactive compounds. She hopes to enter industry and work in research and development for the functional food industry. Also, Sarah is a peer STEM tutor at the campus’ tutoring center and a Teaching Associate in the department. Outside of school, she enjoys running, both creative and academic writing, and playing the piano.
Sarah Caballero’s article is adapted from her submission to the Eat Blue Essay contest, a sponsored essay contest by the Research Chefs Association and BlueNalu in which culinary students from around the globe answered