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More than 63,000 pounds of trash removed from one of the biggest accumulations of ocean plastic in the world

In July 2021, The Ocean Cleanup took its first large-scale cleanup system, called System 002, or Jenny, to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch between Hawaii and California. They conducted a series of tests over the course of 12 weeks, that resulted in the removal of over 63,000 pounds of trash from the ocean.

The Ocean Cleanup also designed the system to be animal friendly equipped with release systems, lights, and cameras to allow marine life to easily swim in, out, and around without harm. Further, the nonprofit has declared it will offset all emissions as part of its commitment to carbon neutrality.

Looking to the future, the organization said it is nonworking to scale up the design to System 003, “which is expected to be the blueprint designing for scaling to a fleet of systems.”

Pic credit: @oceancleanup twitter

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