Celebrate Life Below Water. Eat Blue

Drifting into trouble? The tiny ocean creatures with a global impact

Plankton are the foundation of the marine food web as they are intricately balanced within the greater climate and carbon system. Plankton help to regulate and produce half the oxygen on Earth making them responsible for most marine and land systems alive.

However, scientists warn that warming oceans due to climate change has stressed plankton and thus the marine system. Research has determined that “fishing sustainably, reducing pollutants, and curbing C02 emissions” will all help improve ocean health and resultantly help plankton populations recover.

Pic Credit: PhysOrg 2021

Eat Blue

Eat Blue

Eat Blue is an educational platform which aims to celebrate life below water and the people who make a difference. Our multimedia approach/campaign explores the depths of ocean optimism and seafood sustainability that connects consumers to the stories that matter.