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Aly Boyce

Aly Boyce

Aly grew up and currently resides in The Bahamas. Her small island upbringing led to her deep passion for the natural world and her commitment to sustainability. She believes that in order to truly make sustainable living a reality, we must focus on mission driven business and making corporate social responsibility the norm at all companies. She started her career at a plant-based food company, and has since spent 4 years working in various business operations roles at a fast paced startup, helping with M&A’s and integrations, as well as acting in a Chief of Staff role for top executives. Aly is a graduate of UC Berkeley (BS Society & Environment, BA Political Science) and an avid runner, rescue SCUBA diver, home cook and political follower.
The impact of climate change seems far-off and abstract until it directly impacts your community. On September 1, 2019 Hurricane Dorian made a direct hit to my island home in The Bahamas. While I
Growing up in The Bahamas, I was in and around the ocean every day. All parts of my life revolved around the ocean; tourism and fishing are the main industries and, on a personal

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