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There are many great mysteries in life. For example, where do all those odd socks go? Does intelligent alien life exist? And what on earth is at the bottom of the ocean? Shockingly, over
A study released last week by the University of Hong Kong proposes an evolutionary mechanism in natural fish populations that has the potential to adapt to ocean acidification. Human-driven climate change is challenging the
Speciesism [spee-shee-ziz-uhm]: ‘the practice of treating members of one species as morally more important than members of other species’ (Britannica, 2013). Ultimately, speciesism can manifest in the preferential treatment of some species and the
Working at the carwash was “kinda hard”, but “always cool” according to Rose Royce in the 80s and the ocean fish wash is certainly no different! If you look closely amidst the hustle and
Group Mindset & Movement in Marine Species & Other Animals Murmuration is the term used to describe the fascinating phenomenon of very large groups of birds, fishes or insects moving together, including changing direction

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