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Eat Blue™ contributors are an international community dedicated to conserving ocean biodiversity. Our contributors are passionate, ocean visionaries who celebrate life below water and the stories that matter. Learn more about each of them below.


Aly Boyce

Aly grew up and currently resides in The Bahamas. Her small island upbringing led to her deep passion for the natural world and her commitment to sustainability. She believes that in order to truly make sustainable living a reality, we must focus on...


Bobby Feeney

Bobby Feeney is a specialty foods industry professional passionate about marine conservation and innovative food systems. Bobby has held numerous roles within the NYC specialty food industry and provided top chefs with both responsibly sourced...

Charlie Chen

Charlie Chen

Consultant at the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). Previous experience at the UN Global Compact (UNGC) and UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA). Harvard University student pursuing a MLA in Environmental...

Charlie Reed

Charlie Reed

Charlie Reed is committed to transforming our broken food system into one that truly nourishes our planet and all living beings that call it home. She enjoys working at the intersection of sustainability, social impact, integrative health,...


Eli Etzioni

Eli Etzioni is the Strategic Partnerships Associate at Fast Forward, the accelerator for tech-driven nonprofits. In the past, he has worked in bluetech as well as surf therapy, and he is equal parts climate optimist and outdoor enthusiast. He can...


Ellie Moore

Ellie is a recent Biological Sciences Graduate from the University of Exeter, UK with a passion for marine conservation and environmental innovation. Her favorite topics to explore include the changing ocean soundscape, coral reef conservation and...


George Jacobs

    George is the immediate past president of Singapore's Centre for a Responsible Future, and enjoys participating in all sorts of green activities including walks for tigers, tree planting, trying meat alternatives, reading aloud for the Singapore Eco...


    Heather Guidice

    Heather is the founder of Kona Compost Co., a composting company in Bucks County, PA. With many years of composting and gardening experience, coupled with professional years of creative production experience, Heather aims to help reduce food waste...


    Huntley Penniman

    Huntley Penniman is the founder of Katuvi, a small communications agency that specializes in social media for purpose-driven companies. From diving to conservation and environmental communications, her passion lies in learning more about the...


    Lauren Pyjar

    Lauren is currently a senior at Georgetown University in Washington, DC, studying International Law and Ethics and minoring in Environmental Studies. She grew up in San Diego, California, and she likes to go surfing and open water swimming whenever...


    Matthias Oppliger

    Matthias Oppliger is Director Partnerships at #tide ocean, spreading the word, connecting the dots and finding synergies. Before that he worked as a journalist, reporting on a broad collection of issues, ranging from politics to business, from urban...


    Naomi Clark-Shen

    Naomi was born, raised and currently lives in Singapore. She is doing a PhD on sharks and stingrays caught by fisheries in Southeast Asia. Prior to this, she worked on a variety of independent and consultancy marine projects for organisations...

    Patricia Fernandez

    Patricia Fernandez

    Patricia is a bilingual, ocean-loving science communicator. She is a marine scientist by training and has traveled the world working on projects. Sustainable designs, fisheries adaptation, and conservation are her favorite topics to explore....


    Ryan Huling

    Ryan Huling is an intergovernmental consultant on food, climate, and animals. He has spearheaded projects for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and The Good Food Institute Asia-Pacific, and previously served as an...


    Shara Narsipur

    Shara Narsipur is a communicator and advocate for climate sustainability. As Communications Manager at BlueNalu, she manages the Eat Blue educational platform, promoting sustainable seafood and ocean optimism, with a focus on ocean health, human...


    Toshiro Shigaki

    After the completion of Ph.D. in plant pathology from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, I worked as researcher at Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation (Ardmore, OK) and Baylor College of Medicine (Houston, TX). Also was a visiting professor at Indian...

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